Budapest, Hungary

When we speak of self-discovery, we do not speak of discovering in yourself a strange been that you have never seen. Self-discovery is to understand how through your history, you have been creating yourself, with a series of beliefs and values ​​that are going to lead you to react in certain way and will affect your way of thinking.

The process of self-discovery or self-discovery has 3 steps:

  1. It is necessary to explore and heal the past.
  2. Explore and expand the present with new experiences
  3. Define concrete and significant goals that help you grow.

Explore the past

The past is not a life sentence, it is not something that is going to determine you, but it does have a great importance in the way in which you see the world, in the way you react and in the way you interact with other people.

All self-limiting attitudes, self-destructive behaviours that we have are linked to some experience in the past. This past does not necessarily have to be something traumatic or terrible, but it may also have been a moment in which you could not express your feelings of love or anger or any other feeling and that taught you to limit or suppress your feelings.

Explore and expand the present

The present is the most important thing in our lives. It is in the present where we can heal the past and from where we can plan the future. The present is the only moment in which we have the possibility of doing something. It is necessary to explore your strengths and weaknesses. It’s important to explore and understand where you are in life, your current circumstances so we can be able to expand and enrich your life.

Your life has to be more than transactional actions. What are transactional actions? Transactional actions are the actions of the daily life, we talk about the routine. Hopefully you can enjoy this routine, however, the routine will never be fully satisfactory. If you do not feel satisfied, that will affect the way you feel with yourself and in the same way how you interact with others.

The human being always wants something more, is always looking for new things or experiences. So we have to think what else is out there for you, how we are going to expand your interests, to expand your experiences and thus fill your life with what you want.

Create a meaningful future

When we talk about creating a future, we have to ask ourselves what you want, but above all why you want something. It is important to find the meaning of what you want to have, of what you want to be. It is to find specific, measurable and above all meaningful goals that make you feel fulfilled as a human being.

It is not always easy to explore and heal the past, to understand and expand the present or to plan the future for oneself. It is then when it is appropriate to seek psychotherapeutic help. Psychotherapy is not only when things are wrong or we have difficulties, but also if you want to create and develop as a human being, if you want to give you permission and clarify how you can enjoy your life more.

Pablo Munoz