Prague, Czech Republic

Many times on our daily life we live somewhere outside the present. We have the tendency to spend a lot of time thinking about what has already happened or what might happen or what we want to happen, rather than enjoying what is actually happening at the current moment in front of our eyes. That is, we are living our life in the past or in the future, missing what we really have, and that it is the present. When you live your life in this manner, your life journey becomes overwhelming and a big blur of images with no meaning.

Life is most enjoyable and meaningful when you are present in every moment. Living in the past or in the future, only serves to drain your mind.

The past, whether successful or full of failures, is done. You can’t change it. On top of that, if we overthink about the past, we can develop depressing feelings: if we think too much about good things, we are going to feel the emptiness of not having those things anymore and if we overthink about bad things, we are going to feel as a failure or as a victim.

In other hand, the future it does not exist yet and worrying about it is only a burden. No matter how much you plan/think, the future is uncertain and we cannot foresee all the possible scenarios or outcomes. If we think too much about positive things in the future we can create unrealistic expectations and feelings of inadequacy. If we think too much about the worst case scenarios we are going to create fear and anxiety. If thinking too much about the past triggers depressing feelings, overthinking about the future is going to create anxious thoughts and feelings.

Certainly, we will remember the past and we should learn from it. As well we need to think about the future and plan where are we going with our life. However, overthinking or thinking too much about the past or the future that is what it is going to trigger those unhealthy thoughts and feelings. Remember, our thoughts will shape our reality and how we see things.

So instead of living in the land of “I could’ve, should’ve, would’ve” or “what if,” try living in the land of “I am,” because now is the only moment you can act, affect and enjoy. I will suggest you to take few minutes every day to notice every detail in your daily life — the colors, the smells, the people, the sounds, the tastes. Savor every moment, they are unique and can never be recreated.

If you want to refocus yourself in your present, your success and your enjoyment, a psychotherapeutic process can be a great help and a tool to grow as a human being.

Pablo Munoz