We are starting a new year and many of us have a renewed desire to improve, do more and try new things. It would be very advantageous to use this impulse and this desire to our advantage. This desire is energy to use deciding where you want to put your attention. Attention is the key to your personal power because whatever you put your attention on you are feeding it. Regardless of whether you think positively or negatively about something, just by thinking about it, you are feeding it into your mind, you are making it grow.

Everything we experience in our lives is the result of our attention, of where we are focusing our mind. So, great things can happen in your life this year if you train your mind to focus on it. Note that if you are reading this article it is because you paid attention to a small detail on your screen and decided to click the link. It is thus, with small decisions, that we are creating our own reality. It is with these little things/decisions that we fill our lives moment after moment.

It is important that you understand, value and control the power of your mind's attention. Your mind, emotions, thoughts and feelings are a great treasure that you have. Many times, people have a hard time taking responsibility for themselves and for how they create their reality. It is very common for people to blame circumstances or other persons for how they feel or what they live. Ourselves and what we focus our attention on is what will create our reality and how we feel.

In order to grow in the management of your attention, I invite you to begin by being aware and enjoying what is in front of you at this moment. I propose below 4 learnings or skills to develop during 2021 that can help you be more efficient in managing your focus and attention:

  1. Learn to see the beauty around you now. How many nice and enjoyable things do you have around you right now? Be aware of them, even small things.
  2. Learn to see the wealth you already have and be grateful for it. Everything you have now costs money, it is wealth that has been coming into your life in different ways.
  3. Learn to see how lucky you are to be alive and therefore be able to see, hear, smell, taste or touch. Have you ever wondered how many people died in 2020? How many people cannot distinguish the colours you see or hear the sounds you hear?
  4. Learn to focus on what you want and stop paying attention to what you don't want. How much time do you spend thinking about what you don't want, what can go wrong, instead of thinking, planning and enjoying what you do want in your life?

Prepare and make that commitment to yourself. I know that what I propose is not easy, even when it sounds like that. If you need support in achieving your goals, contact me, I am here to help you.

I wish you that everything that your heart wants this year becomes your reality.

Pablo Munoz